January at eDen:


Date Event RSVP
January 3rd Tekken 7 Facebook
January 7th League of Legends 1v1 Facebook
January 8th Fifa 18 Facebook
January 13th Tekken 7 Facebook
January 14th Overwatch 6v6 Facebook
January 15th Mortal Kombat X Facebook
January 17th Tekken 7 Facebook
January 21st League of Legends 5v5 Facebook
January 22nd Fifa 18 Facebook
January 24th Tekken 7 Facebook
January 28th CS:GO 5v5 Facebook
January 29th Rocket League 2v2 Facebook
January 31st Tekken 7 Facebook


December at eDen:


Date Event RSVP
December 2nd eDen Exclusive:
Community vs The Pros: District G | King Jae Special Event – Tekken 7!
December 3rd Overwatch 1v1 Facebook
December 4th Trials Fusion Fun Tournament Facebook
December 10th Rocket League 3v3 Facebook
December 11th Fifa ’18 Facebook
December 12th eDen Exclusive:
The ZOWIE Experience Tour!
December 17th Overwatch 6v6 Facebook
December 21st Fifa ’18 – Under 18’s edition Facebook
December 28th Rocket League 2v2 – Under 18’s edition Facebook
December 31st eDen Exclusive:
NYE Special!


November at eDen:


November 4th

eDen Exclusive:
League of Legends Worlds Championship FInal 2017 Viewing Party!

November 5th League of Legends 5v5 Facebook
November 5th eDen Exclusive:
Bonfire Night Extravaganza w/ Firework Show!
November 6th FIFA 18 Tournament Facebook
November 12th Rocket League 2v2 Facebook
November 15th Mario Kart Double Dash Tournament Facebook
November 19th Overwatch 6v6 Tournament Facebook
November 20th League of Legends 1v1 Tournament Facebook
November 26th Counter Strike: Global Offensive (5v5) Facebook
November 27th FIFA 18 Tournament Facebook
November 28th eDen’s Weekly Quiz Facebook
November 29th Mortal Kombat X Tournament Facebook