Brand new at eDen Overwatch 1v1 Tournament 3rd December

Want to prove its always your team pulling down your SR?

Join us at eDen on the 3rd December from 5pm for our very first 1v1 tournament

Lets get straight down to business, here’s how its gonna work:

Map – Random!
Heroes – Lock Out! You get a choice of 3 random heroes
Rules – Standard Overwatch 1v1 setup, no custom modifiers.

We’re going single elimination style this time round, Best of 3 situation, winner moves forward, loser is eliminated, so choose your picks wisely!

Grand final that takes place will be a BO5 (best of 5).

Enterance fee is £4
Age 18+

How to enter: Private message, leaving your name and contact number, and a member of Team eDen will contact you to confirm your entry. Otherwise, entry can be confirmed at eDen no later than the day before the tournament starts.

GG! (in voice)